Why is it that top one percent own more than half of world’s wealth? Why is it that while some people can afford to consume more than their needs, some perish not being able to afford just a morsel? What is it that the rich know and the commoners do not?

The answer lies in “Financial Literacy”. Financial education is one of the key factors that separate the richest few from us. Yet we don’t find it being taught to us, we don’t find it being part of our curriculum. Why? Because “Money can’t buy happiness”? True, it can’t. But money is essential to lead a comfortable life and to ensure a stable future.

So why not learn about finance, why not learn about how to make your wealth grow, why not learn what the rich know, why not learn about the one thing that can ensure a great future for you.

This blog aims to educate you about Money, how to preserve it and make it grow, so that you can live your life comfortably.